Playful Petals

Hi!  This week I finished up this gorgeous petal quilt:

This quilt is called "Daisy Fields" from Corey Yoder's book, Playful Petals.  When we started, my client knew she wanted similar quilting to what is shown in the book, so that was swirls in the white areas and feather swirls in the octagons.  So I did a few sketches of some ideas, and we settled on swirls/pebbles in the white, with feathers in the triangles along the edges, echoing around the petals, and feather swirls in the octagons.  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  It's such a beauty :) I love the fabrics she used - the octagons were from a layer cake of Amy Butler's Bright Heart collection.   So pretty!  It was fun to quilt....although it took me about 30 hrs!  I was slow at first, but the second half went faster because I had my rhythm going and knew what to quilt in what order.

 I used Superior Threads MonoPoly thread on top so I wouldn't distract from her beautiful octagons, and silver Bottom Line in the bobbin.  My client used Jade Grunge fabric by Moda for the backing, which is my favorite color!  I couldn't wait to get this quilt off the frame just to see the back!  It turned out beautiful, if I do say so myself...ha :) 


I had to get creative with my lighting while quilting....because I was using clear thread and because of the print & dark fabrics, I literally could not see where I was quilting when trying to do the feather my hubby helped me out with a magnetic bendable flash light!  (Didn't know they had those...) I had to close all the shades in my quilt room, turn off all the lights, and set up the flashlight shining across my quilt top to create shadow so I could see!  Dramatic improvement!!  That helped me quilt a lot faster too...I wasn't craning over the quilt top trying to see where I just quilted before I stitched my next line.

So, that of course led to creative picture taking because we discovered it looked really cool if you shined the flashlight under the quilt :)

All in all, I'm very happy with this quilt and glad I got the opportunity to do it.  It's going to be in our local show this fall and I know it will be enjoyed by everyone who sees it!  

Thanks for reading!