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MK Quilts Layout & Rendering Series for Pro-Stitcher

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Join Melissa Kruschwitz of "MK Quilts" for a day of Pro-Stitcher training with a focus on Simulation.  Melissa's basic approach to quilting is to pre-plan, pre-set and save her quilt layout before she ever steps up to the machine to stitch.  She calls this method “Layout and Rendering”.  This saves time at the machine because you go straight to stitching.  In the process of learning her layout and rendering techniques from within simulation, you’re learning your PS system better too.

Topics covered in class include:

  • Best Practices for Pantos - We start our day with the MK way of setting Pantos (edge to edge designs).  Learn pre-sizing and pre-setting pantos.  Take it to the next level with wrapping,  offset pantos, and my new favorite trick for pantos.  Stitching in both directions (left to right, then right to left) which works well on MOST pantos. 
  • The MK Way of presetting a quilt layout from within Sim - We start easy, inside fit panto and easy borders.  Learn to check density, pattern compatibility & skew functionality so nothing runs off the quilt or into your seam lines.
  • Next, we move into more intricate layouts and cover The MK Way of presetting borders so that we can quilt them vertically, as we go along, with each advance.  Learn the basics behind this approach and a couple different ways to accomplish vertical chunking.
  • Ever get stumped or have challenges connecting those intricate L-Shaped Corner-Connected borders?  In this portion of class, we learn how to connect them with a little help from Art and Stitch.
  • Whole Cloth Layout - In this last installment of the Layout and Rendering Series, there is no quilt to design for.  It’s just your imagination, your design library and your creativity. Create a wholecloth stitch out using just your simulation product!

Class fee: $125  Lunch is provided