Longarm Quilting Services 

At Walker Quilt Company, we specialize in freehand custom quilting, as well as computerized designs for quick edge to edge quilting.  Let us help you finish your beautiful quilts!  Visit the gallery page for more. 

- Due to the current volume of quilts, we are not accepting any custom work at this time -

 edge to edge machine quilting

Edge to Edge Quilting

Edge to edge quilting is a great option if you're looking for a quick turnaround and affordable price.  A design of your choice will be repeated across the whole quilt, for a clean, uniform look.  Great for utility quilts that will be washed and well-loved for years to come!

Price:  $0.015 - $0.02 per square inch

Availability:  Immediate

Turn Around Time:  1 week or less from drop off

Mid-Custom Quilting

Mid-custom quilting is a good choice for those who want more a bit more custom detail on their quilts without the higher cost of full custom quilting.  This would include a central allover pattern of your choice, with separate designs in the borders and sashing.  Little or no stitch-in-the-ditch is included in this range. 

Price:  $0.035 - $0.05 per square inch

Availability:  Immediate

Turn Around Time:  Approximately 1-2 weeks from drop off

 custom machine quilting

 custom machine quilting

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is a great choice for those special quilts that will be entered in quilt shows, have a lot of negative space for quilting, or have intricate piecing that you want to showcase.  This level of quilting enhances the piecing with extensive stitch-in-the-ditch, custom designs, ruler work such as crosshatching, and detailed background fills.  Custom work is very labor intensive and therefore the most expensive. 

Price:  Estimate Basis, beginning at $0.05 per square inch

Availability:  *Not accepting custom work at this time*